English-speaking customers

When it comes to managing money and making purchases, Crédit Agricole has all the answers you need. Planning to buy a home in France? With Crédit Agricole to help you navigate the process, it all becomes a little easier. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or a specific project, we’ll help you find the best ways to build up a nest egg. Your car, your furniture, your home… with Crédit Agricole, you can be sure that you’re well insured.

Day-to-day living in France

Opening a French bank account, it's simple.

Use Your cheque book throughout France. Withdraw cash and make payments in France and abroad with a Eurocard Mastercard. Pay your French property utility bills.

Our debit/credit Cards
We offer a wide range of cards, each with a confidential PIN code.

Making your life easier in France with our essential services
"Compte Service" is a package offering several necessary services :
- insurance system in case of loss/theft of your credit/debit card, and / or cheque book.
- Free On-line Banking.


MasterCard for English customers

Instant cash and payment facilities in France and abroad

Gold Mastercard for English customers

More than just a credit card: the key to a world of top-class services

Mortgages and personal loans

Financing your projects and your French property.

Whether purchasing a property in France, renovating your French property, or building a property, we offer a full mortgage service with information and an application form in English.
With Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, you can discuss any matter concerning the purchase of your property as well as your mortgage. For instance, we will finance up to 100% of the property investments (purchase price and renovations) over a maximum of 25 years. There is a choice of fixed and variable interest rates. To obtain a mortgage your total monthly payments (existing loans + any rent paid + the new French loan) should not exceed 1/3 of your monthly net income.



With our competitive rates and flexible mortgage plans

Savings and investments

Many possibilities are at your disposal.

However, some investments are only possible if you are a permanent French resident.

- Saving when you feel like it;
- Getting a quarterly or a yearly income from your savings;
- Scheduled savings;
- Secured saving;
- Diversifying your investments through buying shares on the stock exchange.

Saving accounts

CEL for English customers

Easy access to your savings and a great deal on your home loan.

PEL for English customers

High-performance savings and a guaranteed interest rate for your home loan.

Personal and property insurance

Protecting your family, home and vehicle.

French properties
We provide coverage for your main and secondary residence and as well as any rented properties.
You can benefit from a “replacement as new” condition for both your main and your secondary home. This is an unusual French insurance policy ; goods are more often insured on a wear and tear basis.

Your car
You can choose from any of the packages specially developed to suit your needs : comprehensive, all-in and third party insurance. You must provide a written declaration (in French) from your insurance company. We also offer health and life insurances.


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